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The Robbins 53RH is a low profile raise drill for holes ranging from 1.2 to 2.4 m (4-8 ft.) in diameter. This unique multipurpose raise drill is able to perform upwards boxhole boring as well as conventional raiseboring with no need to modify the drive assembly.

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Jul 16, 2015· Rapid, systematic and secure shaft construction. UNBELIEVABLE Most Amazing And Crazy Russian Heavy Equipment And Extreme Off Road Vehicles - Duration: 12:04. Nicky Bazz 2,530,930 views

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The conventional raise boring methods, such as the wood support method, the hanging cage method, the creeping cage method, and the deep-hole blasting method, are analyzed and compared. In addition, the raise boring machines are classified into different types and the characteristics of …

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Raiseboring Tools 6 Mining Corp. Group Mining Corp. Group 7 Raiseboring accessories Thread protectors – Protect your investment from damage due to handling, transportation, moisture and debris. Impact-resistant, high strength Joy thread protectors made from non-metallic composite material completely cover the


The original and most traditional series of Raise Boring Machines is the TR (Terratec Raise) series. These machines are designed to execute raises by Raise-Boring method only. These drills can be manufactured for the excavation of up-reamed large shafts in diameter up to

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The finished raise has smooth walls and may not require rock bolting or other forms of ground support. One impressive use of raise boring is the 7.1 m diameter shafts for 's Middelbult and Bosjesspruit Mines in South Africa. The boxhole borer (or machine roger) is a variant of a raise borer that is used when there is not enough space on ...

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Edimac has been contracted to take part in the project involving the optimisation of the Sant'Antonio electrical system in Soprabolzano in the borough of Renon (BZ), and is building a vertical well 523 metres in length and 3.05 metres in diameter. Edimac is the market leader of the "Raise Boring…

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Raise drilling (or raise boring) is not a new technology or methodology. The first raise drilling machine was developed by The Robbins Company (TRC) of the USA in 1962. TRC manufactured the first tunnel boring machine (TBM) in 1952 and Jim Robbins, the founder of the company wanted to 'turn the TBM concept on its head' so to speak.

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chimeneas se realizara con el método RAISE BORING, por ser más segura y de rápida ejecución en comparación con el equipo Alimak, que tarda más y el riesgo de accidentarse es mayor. ÍNDICE GENERAL Dedicatoria Agradecimientos Resumen CAPITULO 1 INTRODUCCION 1.1 Justificación ...

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raise boring and the effects that these may have on future underground mining. The idea of raise boring application in mine production may not be brand new, but recent results may initiate a revolution in thinking, and possibly create a new mining standard. Raise boring utilises brute strength to …

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Versatile: The Robbins 34RH QRS can drill precise holes through either conventional raise boring (1.2 m) or down reaming (0.72 m) in most rock types. Moves in and out quickly: A powerful diesel crawler is integrated on the to move the rig into place. Not only is the rig easily

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Epiroc's range of raiseboring machines includes models for both conventional raise and boxhole boring as well as down reaming and it covers diameters from 0,5m up to over 6m. The machines are used in both civil engineering and mining applications for drilling shafts for ventilation, drainage, ore passes, back fills, hoisting, slotholes, and ...

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ROCK BORING Our raise boring fleet of 102 rigs is the largest in the world, with our larger diameter rigs we are able to drill depths up to 1.5 km. SUPPORT SERVICES Our service division additionally undertakes design, engineering, manufacturing, customisation and maintenance support for our drilling activities. SLIM DRILLING Master Drilling has a

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ofthe raise-boring machine and ancillary equip-ment. Even though present raise-boring costs exceed those incurred in conventional raising methods, the raise-boring technique isstillconsidered tobehighly desirable - especially where mining operations arebeing …


using traditional raise boring equipment. Deviations of 0-2% of the length can be experienced. Combination of drilled tunnel and D&B tunnel: Pilot hole is completed before D&B tunnel, pilot hole location is surveyed, and D&B tunnel direction is adjusted to meet the pilot hole.

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raise boring equipment • Pilot drilling Conventional raise boring begins with the drilling of a pilot hole. It is drilled using a roller bit with sealed bearings, together with hollow drill pipes 1.5 m in length with an international standard thread for high–torque applications.

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Though this method can be used in all facets of mining, it is increasingly replacing the use of hand-held mining techniques that have the inherit hazard of placing a miner in a raise. Redpath's compact Redbore raise drills have the ability to handle boxhole drilling without sacing space within the mine. The drill's low back-height ...

Key technologies of drilling process with raise boring method

The conventional raise boring methods, such as the wood support method, the hanging cage method, the creeping cage method, and the deep-hole blasting method, are analyzed and compared. In addition, the raise boring machines are classified into different types and the characteristics of …

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Raise boring is not only a safer method, but it is also a much more productive one: shaft construction is quicker; and the outcome is a perfectly round profiled hole with smooth walls. Indeed, such raise bored shafts provide an ideal solution for ventilation shafts. The smooth walls

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Raise-boring ciego: Se usa para realizar chimeneas ciegas. La perforacin se hace desde un nivel inferior, donde tambin est el control de la mquina. Esta es similar a una mini TBM, capaz de perforar verticalmente hasta con un ngulo de 30 grados.

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raise diameter and length, verticality, and productivity. Consequently, the list of applications of long, vertical, large‐diameter raiseboring continues to grow. Borehole hoisting applications were first used in the 1970s with small‐diameter raise excavations used for hoisting.

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Dec 12, 2013· Raise drilling is used to create large drill holes -- up to 7.6 meters in diameter. The holes, or tunnels, are used to connect mine shafts, power plant tunnels or channels for rainwater and ...

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The Raise Boring Rig (RBR) developed by Herrenknecht is designed for the construction of shafts in rock down to 2,000 meters in depth. Thanks to its compact design, it offers high flexibility even under space constraints and is therefore suitable for various applications in the mining industry.

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raise-boring machine, it is important to be aware of the rock characteristics, strengths and elasticity/toughness before considering the diameter and depth of the raise to be excavated. A raise-boring raise the bar Ailbhe Goodbody examines recent trends in raise boring and some of the mining projects where it is currently in use A 7.3m-diameter

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At TUMI, we strive to provide the highest quality raise boring machines worldwide. We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Over 40 years of Drilling Experience & 557,743 Ft. drilled (170,000 Mt). We manufacture all of our own equipment.


Raise RCC Il boring RCC 5 In hard and tough rock formations, a 26 mm spacing is vital to get an efficient kerf breakage. To achieve a 26 mm spacing you should use a combination of RCC 4 and RCC 5 cutters on the reamer. slnserttype Chisel Chisel Chisel Olnserttypø Chisel Spherical Chisel RCC 4 The RCC 4 Duro Cutter with a 52 mm spacing gives the


- Raise-boring ciego: Se usa para realizar chimeneas ciegas. La perforación se hace desde un nivel inferior, donde también está el control de la máquina. Esta es similar a una mini TBM, capaz de perforar verticalmente hasta con un ángulo de 30 grados. La máquina está expuesta a la caida de detritus por


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your complete raise boring solution! presencia de nuestras mquinas raise boring a nivel mundial. canad. e.e.u.u. italia portugal turqua. marruecos mxico honduras nicaragua venezuela panam colombia ecuador indonesia papa nueva brasil zambia guinea per bolivia