what size pump do i need for a 4 dredge nozzle

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Home Made Suction Dredge. Interested in building your own suction dredge gold prospecting and saving some significant money in the process? If you do it right and plan well you really can save a lot of money and still have a good, functional dredge that is durable and really holds onto the gold - …

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Apr 12, 2013· If you want to stick a bolt in your nozzle, do so and be happy. To others learning how to dredge I would advise working the material properly ahead of the nozzle to remove rocks that will clog the hose before they get to the nozzle. That is what a good nozzle guy does. If the nozzles needed bolts in them they would ship from the factory that way.

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The dredge is powered by a 2.5hp 4 cycle gasoline pump. The pump and engine combination weighs only 27 pounds and is mounted on a shock resistant base plate. Unit comes complete with everything you need for a 1.5" dredge including foot valve, suction nozzle, and all the parts, hoses, and clamps.

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Jun 29, 2013· As i am thinking about building a dredge, I want to know what size of dredge pump can i use to build a 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch. the Robin 4 inch water pump I had is not suitable for dredge as i was advised. now if I am building a 6 inch twin engine dredge what size of pump can i use? a local welder in my area had

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This is a very important thing to remember when working with permits. What a dredge manufacturer calls a 5" dredge may be a 4" intake nozzle dredge for permitting purposes. Nozzles sizes may be up to 2" smaller than hose sizes. A Common Suction Gold Dredge Design. A dredge is powered by a motor and pump.

what size pump do i need for a 4 dredge nozzle

Motor Size Needed On 4 Inch Dredge - collinefr.be. what size pump do i need for a 4 dredge nozzle. What size pump do i need for a 30 ... be accomplished with a 4-inch dredge — and can also dredge, size of the ... Your homemade dredge will need a motor and a ... Chat With Sales

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Next issue is pump size, I do not want to run two pumps if at all possible. ... For example if the pump has a 4" discharge hose can that be split to three 1" nozzles on the jet and one 1" nozzle on the suction head to get the best of both worlds. ... There is the minimum you need, like twin 5.5HP to run a 6" dredge. But that is a shallow water ...

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HOW MUCH PRESSURE DO YOU NEED: How to Choose the Right PSI for Your Pressure Washer. The experts at Pressure Washers Direct explain how to choose the right pressure washer for your project. Pressure washers should be chosen based on their PSI so you know it'll be effective at removing dirt and stains from the surface you plan to clean.

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Oct 17, 2011· I want to build a 2" suction nozzle gold dredge but I don't know how to do it. I make things by cutting and welding metal tubing and I believe the dredge is using a venturi affect to create the suction at the nozzle. I have listed some things that I think I need to know to build this and I would appreciate anything else you could add.

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I do recommend using a suction nozzle with a trash pump. You don't get as much suction as with a high pressure pump. With a suction nozzle, the distance the water for the dredge is under suction is very short (less than a foot) vs a power jet nozzle may have water under suction for 20 ft or more.

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for a portable gold dredge - (just ignore the suction nozzle in this example) this crude sketch shows a typical setup detail . using a portable gold dredge with a suction nozzle the following information should enable you to understand the basic theory of operation of a portable dredge.

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A power sluice "washes" material you shovel into it, whereas a dredge sucks material up from a stream through a hose and deposits it into the sluice. #7835 shown above comes with BOTH types of header boxes AND a dredge nozzle and a bigger pump so you can use this one piece of mining equipment as either a sucking dredge or as a power sluice.

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Dec 06, 2012· I have now converted the sluice box into a suction dredge My idea is to set it next to a small creek and suck out from underneath the big boulders. I have a 2" Briggs and Stratton 3.5 HP pump which delivers 150 GPM It appears to be supplying more than enough pressure and flow. Now to the problem my DIY suction nozzle.

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We have run our mini (1.5" dredge) with the same high pressure pump as our 4" dredges. We simply let the motor run just above idle. Running a 2" then move the throttle up more. Running a 3" more... etc. GPH is not the key issue with dredges. The gph is controlled both by the pressure and the size of intake on the dredge nozzle.

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Feb 26, 2012· Pump Discharge Nozzle Size Vs. Pipe Size - posted in Industrial Professionals: I am sizing a pump for a new process conditions and try to use the same model with some of the existing pump to have synergy in terms of spare pumps. The pump suction pipe is 4 inches with discharge pipe 3 inches. The pump is sized with suction flange of 3 inches and discharge flange of 1 1/2 inches.

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Dredge Pump Selection Help 101. Learn about Choosing a Slurry Pump and Project Considerations. ... (size of slurry particles), the concentration of solids in the slurry and the pipe diameter. ... What You Need to Know About Submersible Pumps. What You Need to Know About Flooded Suction Pumps. What You Need to Know About Self Priming Pumps. Grit ...

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Dec 28, 2012· Some use 4" nozzles on 6" hose. They do use a pump sized for 6" to maintain water velocity in the larger hose. Suction versus log: pushing works better than pulling in my opinion. Imagine a log venturi as a shallow well jet pump. Suction nozzle as a deep well jet pump.

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#ke-sn42 outlet size: 4" inlet size: 2" $220 Hoses and other dredge accessories are not included. A suction nozzle works in a similar fashion to a power jet except instead of being attached directly to the header box the nozzle is attached at the far end of the material hose.

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I see them using two bilge pumps on a 2" nozzle but there is no video of it actually working, seems to me it's just better to do a 2.5" or 3" gravity dredge in that case or just go civil disobedience style and dredge with a 6" and fight it in court as our rights under the General Mining Act of 1872.

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Feb 22, 2013· For best picture watch in HD720p! This video shows an easy way to make a PVC dredge nozzle that operates on the venturi effect. I built 4 prototypes before settling on this one that works great ...

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Nov 25, 2012· Hopefully you've already decided what size nozzle you want to construct, a good rule of thumb is to take what ever size nozzle you want to build and divide it by 4 this will give you the size pressure jet you'll need. This jet well determine how much suction your going to have at the nozzle tip.

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Jun 13, 2018· A 5" dredge may have a nozzle opening of 4" for this reason. The volume of material processed is determined by the nozzle opening, not the inside diameter of the hose. Therefore most dredge permits refer to the nozzle size, not the hose size, when imposing rules and restrictions. This is a very important thing to remember when working with permits.

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my pool is 40 x 20 with a L shape step of 5 x 4 the depth is 9 ft. at one end and 3 ft. at the other my best guess on the piping is 12 elbows and 150 ft. run of pipe I need the right size cartridge filter and pump numbers and size for each Reply

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Only after the above 9 items have been determined is it possible to determine the size of the dredge, the inside diameter of the pipeline and the horsepower of the engines needed to do the job. Dredge Sizes: The size of a hydraulic dredge is determined by the inside diameter of the discharge flange on the dredge pump. Dredges come in sizes from ...

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Choosing a nozzle with too small of an orifice will limit water flow and possibly create an excessive load on the machine. Use the table below to select the properly sized nozzle for your machine. Determine the nozzle size by matching the operating pressure (PSI) of your machine to the gallons per minute (GPM).

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If you are just getting into the gold-finding game, making a gold dredge sluice box is a great way to start. Cut a piece of plywood to 1-foot long by 4-feet wide. This size is easy for one person to handle, and is large enough to dredge through a good amount of soil and gravel at once.

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Getting the best performance from your dredge involves some basic physics. The most obvious problem is lifting or I should say sucking, in most cases, a dredge-hose full of sand, rock and water. The actual lift will be from the nozzle end of the dredge-hose to the exit port of the venturi device.

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All rocks that are larger than the intake-size of the dredge's suction nozzle must be moved out of the way by hand. When dredging in an average hard-packed streambed, at the point where an experienced operator gets down through 5-feet of material using a 5-inch dredge, he has so many rocks to get out of the dredge hole that he is lucky to ...

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Dec 25, 2011· If this pump is adequate for dredging that may be my next move and I assume all I would need is a suction nozzle and hoses. Skip mentioned he's seen guys use this setup for a 2" dredge but the pump is only a 1.5" so I assume I should plan on a 1.5" dredge setup. I can start a new topic on that as needed but any inputs more than welcome.

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The Aqua Cleaner Spot/Pole Dredger 3" 9hp pump w/hookah air and nozzle 4 . what size pump do i need for a 4 dredge nozzle. Bavarder sur Internet. Suction Gold Dredge Operation & Components. Suction Gold Dredge . A suction nozzle keeps water in the system at all times and so is preferred for shallow water use where sucking air into the nozzle .